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Customer Acceptance Policy
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Risk Management & Internal Control Policy
  • Each client should be met in person: Accept client whom we are able to meet personally. Either the client should visit the office/branch or concerned official may visit the client at his residence / office address to get the necessary documents filled in and signed. Preferably accept clients who live within the jurisdiction of the branch. As far as possible, ensure that the new client is introduced by an existing client.

  • Accepts clients on whom we are able to apply appropriate KYC procedures: Obtain completes information from the client. It should be ensured that the initial forms taken by the clients are filled in completely. All photocopies submitted by the client are checked against original documents without any exception. Ensure that the ‘Know Your Client’ guidelines are followed without any exception. All supporting documents as specified by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Exchanges are obtained and verified

  • Do not accept clients with identity matching persons known to have criminal background: Check whether the client’s identify matches with any person having known criminal background or is not banned in any other manner, whether in terms of criminal or civil proceedings by any enforcement/regulatory agency worldwide

  • Be careful while accepting Clients of Special category: We should be careful while accepting clients of special category like NRIs, HNIs, Trust, Charities, NGOs, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), persons of foreign origin, companies having closed share holding/ownership, companies dealing in foreign currency, shell companies, overseas entities, clients in high risk countries, non face to face clients, clients with dubious background. Current/Former Head of State, Current/Former senior high profile politician, Companies offering foreign exchange, etc.) or clients from high-risk countries (like Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.) or clients belonging to countries where corruption/fraud level is high (like Nigeria, Burma,etc). Scrutinize minutely the records / documents pertaining to clients belonging to aforesaid category

  • Do not accept client registration forms which are suspected to be fictitious: Ensure that no account is being opened in a fictitious / benami name or on an anonymous basis.

  • Do not compromise on submission of mandatory information/ documents: Client’s account should be opened only on receipt of mandatory information along with authentic supporting documents as per the regulatory guidelines. Do not open the accounts where the client refuses to provide information/documents and we should have sufficient reason to reject the client towards this reluctance.

  • 1. Select "Personal Banking" option.
    2. Click on "Forgot Password" option.
    3. Enter the relevant details in the field.
    4. Select "Generate New Request".
    5. Enter your card details.
    6. Enter the request ID sent vis SMS on your mobile.
    7. Enter your desired passwords.
    8. Tick on enable transaction facility option.
    9. Click on "Confirm" button.

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